July 8, 2016


 We have just been so dang sad all week. We are just heartsick over the tragic events that seem to just keep getting worse. Our minds have been consumed with what has unfolded and pray for peace and understanding.

So like all of you we are feeling a little lost this past week. I really didn't know what to do with myself so I decided just to do something uplifting. No, my stupid deal doesn't change a damn thing. It doesn't even matter a little bit, but maybe it'll make someone happy today. I guess that is...

July 5, 2016


Two weeks ago I was just sitting on my bum brainstorming about how to get out there and be seen. With a small (teeny-tiny, actually) budget its hard to market beyond social media. Business cards, marketing packets, and t-shirts are one thing, but the "big dog" marketing...print and tv are out of reach for a small company like us. I'll be honest, my expectations weren't soaring. It stinks to know you have something really special and don't have the resources to get it out there in a big way....

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