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As any project goes we've had some ups and downs. The past two weeks ALL FREAKING UPS!!! Like top of the mountain, on the highest ridge of the Screaming Eagle ups!!

I may be the HBIC & Dave is my trusty sidekick, but we have a heck of a team in Arkansas working on our girl, Ruthie. We met Mark by chance and he has been a dream to work with. Attentive, eager, detail orientated....I literally could not ask for a better fit for us and for our company. He has only had the camper for 5 days and today we are getting floors & cabinets. He is also simultaneously working on plumbing and electric. We are so happy to see some real progress...FINALLY!

Keith is working on our horse-box bar, Ruthie. Her serving windows were cut today and this weekend she will get flooring and cabinets. We love our camper, but man...Birdie is cool! We cannot wait for her to be done.

Check out our progress pics!!

Miss Birdie is looking pretty with her serving windows cut #thewanderingsidecarbarco #horseboxbar #missbirdie #mobilebar #progress

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