2019 Cocktail Menu is ready to roll!

Happy 2019! We are so happy to have taken a little siesta after a whirlwind 2018 and are feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2019. I've spent the last week or so ironing out the details of our 2019 cocktail menu. This is just a guideline for our clients. These are cocktails that we feel like are tasty and that we do really well. We certainly are always willing to go outside of this list if you don't see what you are looking for.

While skimming the list you'll see that we try to incorporate local beers, spririts, mixers, and shrubs. We are focusing more on "garden to glass" this coming year. St. Louis is absolutely booming with the most talented brewers, distillers, and trendsetters in the business and we would be silly not to work alongside them as much as we can. This effort also involves us teaming up with local farms and utilizing the amazing herbs and produce that they offer. In 2019 we are hyperfocused on bringing you fresh, local, sustainable, hand-crafted cocktails.

2019 WSCB Co. Cocktail Menu

Spring and Summer Cocktails

Strawberry Basil Gimlet

Vodka | Strawberry Basil Simple | Lime Juice | Club | Lime

Lime Peppercorn Margarita

Tequila | Heirloom Lime Peppercorn Shrub | Lime Juice |


Bloody Mary

Vodka | Sangria Guy’s Classic, Veggie, or Chipotle Tomato

Juice | All the savory bloody fixins

The Derby

Bourbon | Blackberry and Mint Simple | Club | Muddled

Mint and Berries

STL Stinger

Gin | UCBC Ku’damm Sour | Raspberry Simple | Club |


Bees Knees

Gin | Champagne | Lemon Juice | Honey Simple


Rum | Fresh squeezed orange & pineapple juices |

Coconut Water

Spicy Peach Smash

Bourbon | Heirloom Peach Jalapeno Shrub | Peach Club

Southside Radler

4 Hands City Wide Pils | Peach Brandy | Lemonade

The Heather Mac

Aperol | Prosecco | Club

Big Shugg

Bourbon | Big O Ginger Liqueur |Brown Sugar and Vanilla Bean Simple | Orange

Bitters | Oranges

Blackberry Lemonade

Vodka | Blackberry Simple | Lemonade


Champagne | Ste. Germain | Lemon Juice

Fall & Winter Cocktails

Honey Mule

Bourbon | Honey Simple | Ginger Beer

Fall Sangria

Red Sangria | Cinnamon | Apples | Blackberries

Lemon Sage Sour

Bourbon |Lemon Sage Simple | Sour

Gin & Juice

Gin | Pear Juice | St. Germain


Cinnamon Infused Vodka | Cider | Apple

Gramps Old Fashioned

Maple Infused Bourbon | Brown Sugar | Bitters | Cherries

Plum Prosecco

Prosecco | Thyme Simple | Lemon Juices | Plum

Cranberry Clementine

Vodka | Rosemary Simple | Cran | Club | Orange

Mean Bean

Vodka | Vanilla Bean Simple | 4 Hands Chocolate Milk



Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Simple | Lemonade

Raspberry Nohito

Raspberry Simple | Mint | Club

Georgia Tea

Peach Simple | Tea

Strawberry Fauxgarita

Lime juice | Strawberry Simple | Sour| Lime Club e

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