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Hello! My name is Tiffany and I founded The Wandering Sidecar Bar Co. in 2015. 



Mama, bourbon enthusiast & beer lover.

I am the former co-owner of Worn Vintage Rental & self –proclaimed junk lover. I began bartending as an undergrad student and it is a trade and a skill that has followed me through grad school & is something I still do today. All roads seem to have led me to The Wandering Sidecar Bar Company. I'm just a girl with a dream to build a company in my community that brings people together. 

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Samuel Bear + Otis Lee:

The inspiration and motivation behind The Wandering Sidecar Bar 

Company are my identical twin sons, Sammy & Otis. This spunky duo is by far my greatest adventure.


Jax, The Wander Dog:

WSCB mascot, fur baby & official Unger brother and best friend to Sammy & Otis.


Ruthie+Birdie+Big Red+Chief:

The Heart of WSCB Co. & named for Tiffany’s grandma, Ruthie is our 1960 Avalon camper that has been renovated into a vintage caravan bar. In 2016 I added Birdie, our 1967 horse-box bar. Big Red is our 1969 Chevy farm truck that was unveiled in late 2017.  Cheif is our 1957 Chevy truck bed bar scheduled for completion in 2021. 


The Wandering SideCar Bar Company is a labor of love for our family. We are so excited to be able to share in some of the happiest events in your life. Cheers!

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