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I have profound thoughts occasionally, but let's be honest, these days my life consists mostly of wrangling tiny toddlers & deciphering twin talk. Life is a little messy & a lot of chaos, but when the kids are asleep and I'm snuggled up watching Bravo, I realize that I have it good. Like really, really good. Am I always feeling grateful and eternally optimistic? Hell no, it's work to remind yourself that the big things in life are family, friendships, & health. I have all of those things. I just know that I am lucky that my world consists of problems that the hashtag #firstworldproblems consistently applies. Do I still lose it when Bread Co. gives me the wrong order in the drive thru and I have to actually get out of the car & go inside? Sometimes. I'm far from perfect.

Life has pretty regularly come full circle for me. I started bartending on a whim and was horrible at it. Real large cans got me my first job and by the grace of God they stuck with me. I kid, but truthfully I sucked. Luckily over the next decade or so my skills have improved and I make a mean manhattan.

I was half way through grad school when my red-headed friend (my life is full of gingers) introduced me to the idea of vintage rentals. We were lifelong thrifters and design addicts. This also was a perfect excuse to hoard pretties and other random things we didn't need. We were successful, but children and responsibilities cut that short about 5 years in. After my boys were born I was racking my brain as to how to make some extra money. This camper idea literally fell in my lap in the form of a Coastal Living magazine. I saw this full page article on a camper in California called The Little Local. I immediately thought to myself, I can do that. I should do that. Two weeks later I did that.

Ok, so that is the long-winded version of how this all came to be. I wholeheartedly believe that the universe provides what you need. Yeah, I read The Secret (that's a lie...I watched the DVD). Anyway, that shit works. I didn't know that this idea was manifesting within me, but I really think it was.

We are just days from picking her up (fingers crossed). I anticipated my children's birth for 8 long months and the excitement from this feels very similar. We've spent hours upon hours planning every last detail. To say we are excited would be an understatement. We are overjoyed at the possibilities in front of us. We are grateful that we have the ability to start a new business. We are thrilled with the support we've received from friends, family, our community, and even strangers. We are overwhelmed with the amazing feeling that we are doing something great. These little caravan bars will bring people together and many will spend the best day of their lives with us. That is an honor and something we are lucky to be able to do.



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