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A little luck, a lot of friends, and a big ol' bear hug from our hometown

Two weeks ago I was just sitting on my bum brainstorming about how to get out there and be seen. With a small (teeny-tiny, actually) budget its hard to market beyond social media. Business cards, marketing packets, and t-shirts are one thing, but the "big dog" marketing...print and tv are out of reach for a small company like us. I'll be honest, my expectations weren't soaring. It stinks to know you have something really special and don't have the resources to get it out there in a big way.

The St. Louis Pridefest was a given for us. It was a goal from when the rehab began for us to debut in that parade. Not to get political, but this past Spring the Missouri legislature had a pretty jacked up bill proposed (among many) and we just weren't having it. Dave and I have always loved pride weekend, but it was extra special to be in the parade. It was blazing hellishly hot. We were surrounded by friends, family, and people loved our little bar on wheels. It was everything we wanted it to be.

They say it's all about who you know and they are right. Kristin Brashares is my smarty-pants journalist friend. We met as not so smarty-pants teenagers and drank our fair share of Natty Lights together all while singing along to Ani Difranco (no more Natty, but we still love us some Ani). She grew up to write for local magazines like Sauce & Feast and I grew up to sling drinks from an old camper. Anyway, she's connected and she made a phone call or two and got us noticed. All the hoopla from last week came from a chance meeting in Valerie Eatherton's parent's basement in 1994 that has become a lifelong friendship. Big props to Krissy for hooking us up last week. We love you!

So our whirlwind St. Louis media tour began last week and it has left our heads spinning. St. Louis Magazine, Feast, Sauce and The STL Business journal took notice and we were thrilled. I prepped for our interviews by googling key words to make me sound brilliant. I brushed up on my handcrafted cocktails and bourbon knowledge. We scrubbed our Ruthie from head to toe. Then Fox 2 and Show Me St. Louis called and my jaw hit the floor. TELEVISION??? WHAT THE WAH??? I then realized that I would have to be on TV and the panic set in.

The interviews were awesome and we felt well represented. I didn't appear as terrified as I felt so that was good. This all is so out my wheelhouse that it actually was pretty exhilarating. Ultimately, we felt super lucky. Months of hard work were paying off and our community was embracing our company and our vision. Last week St. Louis gave us a big ol' bear hug and we squeezed right back. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so humbled.

With love and gratitude,

Tiffany & Dave

Show Me St. Louis link

Fox 2 News

St. Louis Magazine

Feast Magazine

Sauce Magazine

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