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Complete LOVE

I had seen photos of the progression for weeks, but nothing prepared me for what I saw when we drove up that windy driveway in Arkansas. My stomach was still queazy from those Ozark Mountain roads, my eyes welled with tears, and I gave a tiny gasp and covered my mouth. All I could think was HOLY SHIT! There it was. Our little camper dreams were just sitting there right in front of our teary eyes.

The only way to explain our feelings toward this little camper is just complete love. Every little detail is just us. The copper fixtures, that classic subway tile, the rustic bench, & handcrafted butcher block counters mix the old with the new. This thing is just everything we wanted and more. She is really a sight!

We celebrated Ruthie's completion on the banks of the Norfork River. We cracked beers and drank bourbon overlooking the foggy waters with the talented craftsmen that spent the last 6 weeks bringing our dream to life. We laughed hard, shared stories, and even shed a couple of happy tears. It was truly a perfect night. We are so grateful to call these good people our friends now.

So now we are home and the real work of starting a new business is upon us. The technical part of business is testing this creative girl. I just want to make Ruthie pretty and stare at her all day, but I am concentrating on invoices and marketing. Blah!

Soon enough we will be on the road and traveling to our first event. We are feeling filled with excitement and joy over spending some of our client's happiest times with them. I'd say that makes for a really bad ass job. We are truly so very lucky.

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