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Year 2-Here we go!

Nothing could beat the awesomeness that was 2016 for us. We unveiled two mobile bars within 3 months of one another and it was nothing short of incredible. We set a goal and we freaking did it! Next up...our girl, Red.

We met some amazing people a long the really, really amazing people. People that invested in this little idea and helped us to make it grow. Year 2 is dedicated to making connections and collaboration. I mean, what brings people together more than a bar? We consider ourselves to be some of the luckiest people on the planet because this job lets us be apart of your best days. How cool is that? We get to be there for all the good stuff. Nothing beats it.

If you are interested in connecting with us please reach out. We are always interested in supporting other small businesses and partnering up. Some of the strongest relationships that we've formed over the last year have come from the most unlikely places. I just cannot say enough how much these friendships have really impacted our business and I'm so annoyingly giddy for 2017. Here's to it.



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